Hello World

Let me start off with the disclaimer that I am NOT a writer and I apologise in advance for the possible mundane content.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let me start with a quick introduction. My name is Sachie and I am a Sri Lankan who is currently trying to acclimatise my island-child self to the freezing cold Melbourne weather. Over the past few years, my life has taken a few interesting turns and I feel like I need an outlet for all the thoughts and feelings that are buzzing around in my head. I am not the best at articulating my feelings and thoughts and I do feel that possibility of negative public opinion has held me back from expressing myself throughout my existence; so this year I have challenged my phobia and I am putting  myself out there to find my voice. My ADD permitting, I hope I am able to regularly blog about stories and anecdotes from my life, rants about things that I feel passionate about and just random ramblings about what I get up to in Melbourne.

I am really excited to start sharing with you!




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