Hobbies?What do you mean hobbies?

A couple of months ago, I was having a conversation with one of friends Emma, who works in HR, about recruitment and she told me that she had gone for a training program where the trainer was talking about hiring people with gaps in their employment history. Apparently they were hiring people for a Finance position at the University and it so happened that one of the applicants had about a two year gap in his employment; when asked to explain this, he had said that he always loved music so he took two years off to travel to Europe and try his hand at being a rockstar and he realised that it wasn’t going to work out for him so now he is back and looking for work. Sounds crazy right? But actually the interview panel decided that they wanted to hire him because they liked his story and he was obviously a much more interesting character to have as a part of their team.

Thinking about this story and reflecting on my own existence, I realised I am not at all an interesting character – I mean over the past 26 years I have actually failed at developing any sort of hobbies or interests that were outside my work or studies [I guess maybe this is the result of an South Asian education? eh that’s a debate for later – FOCUS SACHIE!]. I also started thinking about my mom, not that I don’t think she is interesting but more about the fact that she has devoted her whole existence to her family and work that I don’t think she has had time to develop hobbies and now that she is nearing her retirement, I do wonder how she is going to deal with having all that time to herself. Also, being unemployed meant that I had a lot of time to sit a reflect about my life and I realised that if I didn’t develop hobbies and interests, I would drive my self crazy. Since then I have made a few resolutions;

  • I’m going to start reading again [I used to love this and somehow I replaced it with shit TV]
  • I’m going to try and cook and journal my cooking adventures as much as possible [stay tuned folks]
  • I’m going to start doing more arts and crafts [I had decided early in life that I am not creative and that I would never do anything remotely artsy but its time to experiment and not care so much about failing]
  • I’m going to start studying areas that interest me and exploring other subjects [this is really hard for me because I am amazing at procrastinating]

Mostly I want to spend time stepping out of this silly box I have rammed myself in to and trying to shake off the feeling of not being good enough. I feel like a thirteen year old brat but that’s okay, I was too shy when I was thirteen so I might as well get in to it now.




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