Study buddy

When Andres was looking for work, his approach to being unemployed was pretty much the complete opposite of mine (my approach being to mostly sit in a corner a cry). He enrolled in Stats courses at the University of Adelaide, enrolled in online programming courses to develop new skills and worked on his skill set constantly – he was programming on the train on the way to work, programming while waiting for people to show up for dinners, studying until late in to the night and going to meet ups to networks all the time. Yes, I’m married  to a real crazy person! He is still constantly working till late in the night and doing everything to build his skills and portfolio of work.

Andres and his amazing ability to stay focused and be so productive, scares me and motivates me on a daily basis. So I have started to stop complaining about my lack of knowledge and do something about it! (EASIER SAID THAN DONE!)

I am going to start doing free courses online that is offered through MIT Free Courseware. I  mean, I haven’t really figured out what I want to do for my Masters so I think doing as many free courses as I can will definitely help me identify which area I would like to specialise in and at the same time it would help me to gain an understanding and develop skills in areas that I need for work! The first course I am going to do is in Accounting because I have always hated Accounting and tried to block it out of my mind but now that I am working with a start-up I have realised that I really do need to have a basic understanding of Accounting and its probably helpful for the future as well. I am also toying with the idea of doing a few Sociology courses on Identity as this is an area I’m interested in doing post-grad research in. Let’s hope this isn’t just all talk and that I am actually going to follow through!

If you have time, even if you don’t may be you can make time for this, and join me 😀




One thought on “Study buddy

  1. Ivan Proust

    I have just begun taking the MIT open courseware, lectures. They are really good. It is a good thing they put that on the Internet for all to watch.



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