Visa Update

No don’t worry I am not going to write another thesis on the visa application process – this is more of a timeline and update:

* I applied for the visa on the 2nd of July

I had a bit of an issue – the visa office didn’t send me an acknowledgment letter of the application letter and I was like OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS?!?! *insert days of absolute stress*

* They requested more information on the 15th of July

I took two days to get my AFP Check and submit it to them

* Today (30th July) I received my temporary visa GRANTED!! (YAYERS)

In two years I will automatically get my PR 😀

So may be my super OCD way of submitting the visa application worked? and they super fast tracked the visa process (it was supposed to take a year to be processed) – in any case I can breathe a little lighter now.

Thank god! Lots of luck to any of you who are also trying to get your visa



ps: I really needed a win this week –  I have had a bad month to say the least so it felt so good to receive the mail this morning. Sending out good vibes to you all ❤


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