Hey Girl


If women are by nature nurturers, then why has it become more socially natural for women to nurture men and children, but not each other?

Norka Blackman- Richards

Why do we get palpitations when a girl (who you may or may not know) announces that they are getting married/having a baby?

Why do we feel the impulse to negate a compliment someone pays another woman by adding a “but”?

Does it really make us feel better to point out flaws in other women?

How does spreading rumors aimed at putting down other women helping our self esteem?

Why do we feel the need to judge a woman’s choice whether it be to work, to stay at home, to have kids or not?


We need to band together and prop each other up as we can.

We need to stop competing with each other and take time each day to marvel at what wonderful forces of nature women truly are.

We need to be okay with who we are and where we are with our lives at the moment and may be (if we are strong enough) take the time to learn from those around us.


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13 thoughts on “Hey Girl

  1. Vibrant

    Love it. It’s so beautiful to work for harmony instead of working for strife, to work for peace than to work for struggle. I really like your post. It’s pleasant coincidence that I came to your blog immediately after publishing my post–which is similar to yours 🙂


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    1. SSnari Post author

      Thank you! You write so eloquently, its such a pleasure to read! I am really trying to work on my writing skills so your words are greatly appreciated!

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  2. Becky B

    So so true . . . .sometimes just horrified by what I see in social media and what we do to each other. Thanks for reminding us to be kind, and thank you for writing such a wonderful and thoughtful post.

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  3. Nilusha

    Truer words haven’t been uttered.

    Everyday I see or hear things that reflect our negativity.

    “It’s so hard to work with a lady boss” is one of the things I hear the most and its always from a female employee never from a male.

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  4. Debbie L

    Great post! I worked in a “man’s” job where women only made up 10% of the workforce. I never appreciated the women until one approached me to start getting us together. We bonded and banded together! Not to make it us against them (the men) but to boost each other to be the best we could be! I was 40 when I discovered the beauty in sisterhood!



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