Spring Cleaning

I need to stop:

Being around people who have a negative attitude.

You know those people who seem to have nothing nice to say about anything or anyone, every? The more I hang around them the more I find myself sinking into this negative pit of unhappiness where I am angry at everyone and irritable for no reason. When I was a teacher I used to always tell my kids, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it’. I think I need to practice what I used to preach and stop transforming into a judgmental and angry monster and if that means I need to disassociate myself from certain people, that is just what I need to do. WOOOSHHAAAA

Keeping my mouth shut so that I can avoid conflict.

Although my husband might disagree (hah) I don’t like arguing – I get really emotionally worked up and I can’t shake it off for days. So what do I do? Whether it is a decision that we have to make about one of our projects at work or it’s how I feel about a situation with one of my friends; I try to smile through it and tell myself it’s going to be okay and I can work it out. I know that is not okay. I need to tell my colleagues when they are talking about projects that I don’t believe are feasible (after all, I am the person who is in-charge of the finances), I should be able to tell people when they are coming off too strong that they need to consider other people’s point of view, I should be able to tell my friends if I feel uncomfortable with their plans. I should.

Staring at my phone.

I am obsessed. I am the girl who wakes up rolls over and grabs her phone to check messages/facebook/instagram etc. I am the girl who, in the middle of conversations with other people, will zone out and start checking my phone. I pack a book in my bag to read on the train but instead I flick through the same Facebook newsfeed over and over again. Obsessed. I need to stop. I need to stop making excuses for checking my phone as well – ‘but what if it’s someone from work?’ or ‘but we are on different time zones I HAVE TO talk to them now’ or ‘but look at this cute puppy!’. I need to relax my mind and concentrate on being a lot more wholesome in my approach to life.

Making excuses.

Let’s go to yoga, you ask? But I am going to get my period in four days so it’s probably better if I start yoga once I finish my period.

Stop watching *insertbadtvshowname* back to back and read a book? But if I finish the entire show now then I want be distracted by it later and I then I can concentrate on the book.

You don’t need to buy two bars of chocolate for the day? But I am going to get my period (YES I use my period as an excuse ALL the time!)

There is a a billion other things that I need to stop doing but this is a start – hopefully writing it down means that I am ready to kick into good habits mode (unless I get my period that is). Fingers crossed!




7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. shinepositivepower

    I can’t help myself to smile when you mentioned you use your period as an excuse all the time 🙂 I use that to tell to my husband whenever I am on my negative mood and realizes it. Thank God my husband is so understanding, it hurts to snap at him. I say sorry though 🙂 Yes, you should avoid negative persons if they are pulling you down but I guess most of them have a lot going on on their mind and life. Keep being positive! Love your post 🙂



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