I take the train to come back home after work and yesterday it was a very very crowded train carriage. What was interesting about this train carriage was that 99% of the people on board, whether they were sitting or standing, seemed to have their eyes glued on to the phone. It was amazing. And the only reason I noticed this was because my phone had died out of battery that  day.

I noticed this, especially when I started going for yoga. When you are in savasana and you are supposed to be concentrating on your breathing and nourishing your body, my mind is jumping a million miles an hour and trying to grab at something to think about. I have become addicted to being entertained by that little metal box. When I am working and I have a million things to do on my to-do list, I find myself reaching for my mobile phone just to have a quick scroll through my whatsapp chat page (in case I missed something!). I am the girl, who, in the middle of conversation would out of habit just switch on my phone and look the notification bar and not realise how rude that action is. “But I need to take this picture so that I can enjoy this moment later on as well” is statement that has been overused in our household.

We seemed to have developed this constant need to be entertained and to be stimulated. Think about it, how many times do you pick up your phone to check if you got any notifications on instagram or an “important” message on facebook? How many times a day do you aimlessly scroll through newsfeeds?

It’s hard to be still when exciting things could be going on in the world wide web, hey?

-.- I need to stop this bad habit.




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