I am constantly MIA

I hate making excuses and this year I really wanted to stop making excuses and stick to habits and get things done but I think I am failing.

If you have been reading about my life issues over the last few months, I was talking about how I feel sick all the time. I have been since diagnosed as having coeliac disease. This has been a little bit of a shock and an adjustment for me because I had a very unrestricted and gluten based diet. I am still learning all the aspects of living with coeliac and to be honest it has been a slow learning process.

I am also always exhausted. I read somewhere that this was a result of having a gluten intolerance and I am starting to read more about how to start working towards a better lifestyle but its proving to be a little hard. I will have 8 hours of sleep and wake up feeling tired and horrible. The past two days, I pretty much slept all day – I feel horrible and my dizzy from over sleeping but I seem to not be able to stay away from my bed for more than two hours. For instance, I was out to brunch today and despite having two coffee I fell asleep on the couch and once I got home I slept for 3 hours (I had 9 hours sleep the night before by the way). It is disgusting!

I know a lot of the time, motivation comes from within and I really need to kick myself into gear and start not being so lazy and create an effective environment for me to function in but I think I need some guidance at this point…

So, if anyone out there has good tips and advice on how to live a healthy and non-exhausted gluten free lifestyle – which I am sure is a possibility I am too lazy to find out for myself- please help!


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