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How are you going with your New Year Resolutions?

I am trying hard to stick to them, some are harder than others to be honest. I have had a few breakdowns recently and it has been hard to try and see the silver lining but I promise to keep fighting the good fight. But one thing that I have realised from my major vents to my friends is that we all go through shit periods where you feel like you are lost and it is important to start patting yourself in the back for the smallest of accomplishments regardless of how important they may seem in the grand scheme of things.

Which brings me back to a resolution that I made at the start of this year that I have sort of been able to actually start and keep up so far – my morning routine. Last year my morning routine consisted of waking up just in time for the train and frantically pulling my shit together before dashing out of the door and then binge on coffee and ham and cheese sandwiches to get me through my chaotic day. Now, its starting to take a different shape.

I have now started waking up at 7 am (I am slowing going to try and make this 6am so I can go for a morning yoga class – but small steps!). As soon as I wake up, I drink a glass of water and turn my phone off from airplane mode and read some news. Because I am now waking up earlier, I actually have time to make a breakfast smoothie (which is usually all the fruits I can find around the house, some linseeds and fiber supplements)and take time to decide on what I am going to wear (which for me was fairly a foreign concept to me and it also meant I used the other 3/4 of my wardrobe which I hadn’t even touched previously). I manage to do all this and get to work by 9am which means I don’t need to rush through the day and feel like I am constantly playing catch up. This small change for me has meant a lot, mostly because I have become a lot more productive and I have more control over how I spend my time (oh and I have started to really exploit the ical app which I highly recommend!)

Anyway, that is all for now. Before I finish off, i just wanted to share something I read in an article with all of you:

I know that it is disheartening to keep going when you’ve been stuck in the same situation for what feels like thousands of years, but you have to know that most of the time (not even sometimes) the only way way out is through.





Small Wins – Big Wins; They are Still WINS

I am super excited because I finally finally completed one of my online courses!!

I have been enrolling and un-enrolling in these online courses through edX and Coursera for the longest time but I have never been able to sit down and go through the lectures and assessments- because let’s be honest life happens and free online courses take a back seat.

But this year, I wanted to try and develop a little bit of discipline and I wanted to try and work on my skill development – and I proved to myself that with a little bit of internal pushing I can in fact do it!

So I have been devoting my Sundays and Mondays (because I don’t work on Mondays) to spending some me time. Last year, this meant sleeping in till 1pm and watching tv all day or walking into the city to window shop. But this year I made the effort to get my lazy ass up out of bed and into the library bright and early in the morning and focus on doing more productive work. AND IT WORKED!

I realise blogging about this may seem quite silly but I think personally it is important to celebrate even the smallest of wins in life 😀

Anyway, I have another course starting tomorrow and I am pumped to keep this momentum going  😀

Wish me luck



It’s not new years’ eve but…

My resolutions for the year – I know I am a little late to the party but I wanted to spend a little bit of time thinking about what I wanted to achieve this year and more importantly how I will spend my time. Last year was a good start but I feel like I was a little too ambitious and didn’t consider all the things that I had going on and i started becoming really overwhelmed, so lesson learned!

Also, I want to write out my resolutions not because they are new and profound goals but because I feel like having them written down will make me a lot more accountable and I will be a lot more inclined to follow through on them.

  1. See the silver lining: I try my best to always see the good in people and be happy with any sort of citrus fruits life hands me but towards the end of last year I was getting really angry with everything and everyone. That kind of attitude made it harder for me to be happy about situations and I became a whiny, complain-y, let’s have a bleak attitude towards life kind of person – and really this just negatively affects me and no one else so what is the point! This year I want to refocus myself and think of what I have learned and gained from the situation regardless of how bad it may be. I am not going to let everything affect me and if it starts bothering me I am going to make the conscious effort to remove myself from the situation or relationship as kindly and respectfully as I can.
  2. See a doctor: To be honest I have been pretty unhealthy the past few weeks and I have promised myself that February onwards I am going to be off of ‘holiday mode’ and get back to paying attention to my body. I need to stop avoiding doctors and go and figure out what is wrong with me (I am currently suffering from insomnia, back pains and digestion issues) and stop cheating and start treating my body like the temple that it is. More yoga and chia seeds and less booze and steak! OH AND MORE WATER!
  3. Be kind: I want to spend more time volunteering and doing things that will help make someone else happier. We get so focused on making our own lives better and we keep telling ourselves that once we are ‘settled’ we will do more for the world and I just don’t want to keep putting it off anymore. There is so much more to life than just working and money and a white picket fence and the world needs more people who have open arms and hearts.

So there you go, my three resolutions for the year to heal my mind, body and soul. I hope all of you who have made your resolutions are able to keep track 🙂



Life Update

Hello bloggers and other internet people!

Yes I know my apologies for not writing are becoming repetitive but I’m sorry! So here is a pictorial update/explanation of why I was silent.

Andres and I went back to Sri Lanka in December and we got married!!!! It was the most incredible and magical day!


Standing there at our alter I found myself incredibly overwhelmed by how blessed I felt to have met and married the kind of person who understands, appreciates and inspires me everyday. I couldn’t help but smile at my family who have consistently and constantly shown me unconditional love and patience. I couldn’t help but be proud of myself for having acquired gem like friends who turned up to celebrate this day with us. It was a magical day not only because I felt like a princess but because I realised how truly lucky I am to belong to have the kind of tribe I do.


After our wonderful wedding day, we travelled around Sri Lanka which was AMAZING – and I will do a sort of travel blog post about it next. it was hard to come back to Australia but hey got to face reality sooner or later don’t we? Anyway, now I am back and ready take on the new year 😀




Ways to Wind Down

I usually find myself emotionally and physically emotional by the end of each week and I always find myself still tired after the weekend which means Mondays are just terrible days. So I have started doing little things to wind down and recover from the usual work week.

  1. Venting – I am blessed with an amazing partner who is patient and listens to my hour long rants about everything and I pretty much exhaust myself from complaining but at the end of the venting session I feel so great and all the pent up frustrations and negativity isn’t there anymore (not sure how Andres feels though HAH)
  2. Shopping – I am not a shopaholic per say but I try and treat myself to a cute outfit every week. I am not a huge spender but I think I do feel good when I look good so why not , right?
  3. Cups of peppermint tea – need I say more?
  4. What would Tay Tay Do –  Every now and again I like just turn up the volume and shake it off
    to all the pop/ hip hop songs out there  (hold your judgment please, thanks)
  5. Crafting – I try and get myself engrossed in some kind of crafty project every week (right now it’s all about creating a Great Gatsby themed cupcake tower). Although I am not a crafty person, I love the whole process of looking (mostly because pintrest is amazing!)
  6. Yoga –  once I get myself on to the mat, everything else just slips away and I can completely switch off
  7. Indulge – chocolate to ice cream to creme brulee to pork belly (woah that escalated quickly)
  8. Planning – okay so may it isn’t winding per say but going through my calendars and to do lists helps me sort out my priorities and can I just say it is freaking fantastic feeling to go through your to do list and tick things you have finished #workaholic

So, I can’t think of more ways right now – mostly because it’s past midnight and I should be asleep now but, tell me what you think and maybe share your ways too?



Procrastination vs Productivity

I am not good at many things but I am good at coming up with excuses not to do work. And when I mean work, I mean ANYTHING remotely productive.

Wash the dishes you say? Um but I really need now my energy levels are low besides if I eat after I wash the dishes I will have to wash again right?

Write a blog post? But I should watch a TV show so that I can get that out of the way before I really sit down and try to concentrate.

Start work on a new project? Oh maybe I should have a cup of coffee and some food and walk around so I get the energy boost I need to really sit and focus.


So now, I am trying to do things a little different to increase my level of productivity and reduce my level of ridiculousness.

– Working at coffee shops: I am lucky to be able to do a lot of my work remotely but staying at home is so counterproductive that I have recently started wishing i had a cubicle (BLARGH!) So my solution now has been to pick coffee shops with free wifi.

– Writing will stationary. I have started switching off my phone when I get onto a train and I pull out a notepad and pen and start writing. This has been so productive because my mind is not distracted by instagram updates and facebook notifications.

– Get up early. This has been hard but when I do manage to get my lazy self up and out of bed by 7 am and into a productive workspace the results are incredible! It also helps that I do yoga at night because I can sleep like a baby.

– Cook for the week. When I was younger I never understood why people would plan their meals! I mean my whole strategy when shopping for groceries was to just go in there and grab whatever suits your fancy. Not anymore! Nothing makes me happier than cook a whole heap of things on the weekend and freeze it all so I don’t have to waste my time over the week. #grownuplyf

To be honest these are all new resolutions and baby steps I am taking to become a better functioning human. Hopefully, I can do it- which means I will start blogging and reading more blogs soon (Sorry guys I have been shocking when it comes to that 😦 )



Spring Cleaning

I need to stop:

Being around people who have a negative attitude.

You know those people who seem to have nothing nice to say about anything or anyone, every? The more I hang around them the more I find myself sinking into this negative pit of unhappiness where I am angry at everyone and irritable for no reason. When I was a teacher I used to always tell my kids, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it’. I think I need to practice what I used to preach and stop transforming into a judgmental and angry monster and if that means I need to disassociate myself from certain people, that is just what I need to do. WOOOSHHAAAA

Keeping my mouth shut so that I can avoid conflict.

Although my husband might disagree (hah) I don’t like arguing – I get really emotionally worked up and I can’t shake it off for days. So what do I do? Whether it is a decision that we have to make about one of our projects at work or it’s how I feel about a situation with one of my friends; I try to smile through it and tell myself it’s going to be okay and I can work it out. I know that is not okay. I need to tell my colleagues when they are talking about projects that I don’t believe are feasible (after all, I am the person who is in-charge of the finances), I should be able to tell people when they are coming off too strong that they need to consider other people’s point of view, I should be able to tell my friends if I feel uncomfortable with their plans. I should.

Staring at my phone.

I am obsessed. I am the girl who wakes up rolls over and grabs her phone to check messages/facebook/instagram etc. I am the girl who, in the middle of conversations with other people, will zone out and start checking my phone. I pack a book in my bag to read on the train but instead I flick through the same Facebook newsfeed over and over again. Obsessed. I need to stop. I need to stop making excuses for checking my phone as well – ‘but what if it’s someone from work?’ or ‘but we are on different time zones I HAVE TO talk to them now’ or ‘but look at this cute puppy!’. I need to relax my mind and concentrate on being a lot more wholesome in my approach to life.

Making excuses.

Let’s go to yoga, you ask? But I am going to get my period in four days so it’s probably better if I start yoga once I finish my period.

Stop watching *insertbadtvshowname* back to back and read a book? But if I finish the entire show now then I want be distracted by it later and I then I can concentrate on the book.

You don’t need to buy two bars of chocolate for the day? But I am going to get my period (YES I use my period as an excuse ALL the time!)

There is a a billion other things that I need to stop doing but this is a start – hopefully writing it down means that I am ready to kick into good habits mode (unless I get my period that is). Fingers crossed!