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She used to turn up to work every day. During her two years of being employed she has never taken a day off, ever. But she is always tired and sick to the extent where she doesn’t actually do any work and gets reprimanded by everyone around her. “You are letting the team down,” they say, “she is such a LAZY woman,” some grumble. One day she was so sick that she had to be taken to the hospital by some of the people at work. That was the day everyone realised just how helpless she truly was.

Over the past year she had undergone two abortions (at least). But, it wasn’t her choice. It wasn’t safe. Her husband didn’t like to use condoms because he thought it made him less of a man. So when she did become pregnant, his way of ‘taking care of it’ was to accompany her to his friends garage. At this garage, his friend proceeded to use bicycle spokes and pliers to ‘remove’ the fetus from her womb. The (actual) doctor found bits that were left behind after this ‘surgery’ which had festered inside her causing her to be severely sick. Things could have been a little better if she had been treated earlier (or if she was able to opt for an actual safe abortion  but that’s a different story altogether) but her husband told her to quit whining and get to work. She was helpless.

This is not about being pro choice or pro life. It’s about education. Its about advocacy. Its about being pro woman. How many women are out there, who like her are helpless.