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How are you going with your New Year Resolutions?

I am trying hard to stick to them, some are harder than others to be honest. I have had a few breakdowns recently and it has been hard to try and see the silver lining but I promise to keep fighting the good fight. But one thing that I have realised from my major vents to my friends is that we all go through shit periods where you feel like you are lost and it is important to start patting yourself in the back for the smallest of accomplishments regardless of how important they may seem in the grand scheme of things.

Which brings me back to a resolution that I made at the start of this year that I have sort of been able to actually start and keep up so far – my morning routine. Last year my morning routine consisted of waking up just in time for the train and frantically pulling my shit together before dashing out of the door and then binge on coffee and ham and cheese sandwiches to get me through my chaotic day. Now, its starting to take a different shape.

I have now started waking up at 7 am (I am slowing going to try and make this 6am so I can go for a morning yoga class – but small steps!). As soon as I wake up, I drink a glass of water and turn my phone off from airplane mode and read some news. Because I am now waking up earlier, I actually have time to make a breakfast smoothie (which is usually all the fruits I can find around the house, some linseeds and fiber supplements)and take time to decide on what I am going to wear (which for me was fairly a foreign concept to me and it also meant I used the other 3/4 of my wardrobe which I hadn’t even touched previously). I manage to do all this and get to work by 9am which means I don’t need to rush through the day and feel like I am constantly playing catch up. This small change for me has meant a lot, mostly because I have become a lot more productive and I have more control over how I spend my time (oh and I have started to really exploit the ical app which I highly recommend!)

Anyway, that is all for now. Before I finish off, i just wanted to share something I read in an article with all of you:

I know that it is disheartening to keep going when you’ve been stuck in the same situation for what feels like thousands of years, but you have to know that most of the time (not even sometimes) the only way way out is through.





He said…

He said, “but baby all the sexy girls have six packs…”

He said, “Man look at that GIRL, babe, now THAT’S the kind of body a girl should have”

He said, “Babe are you SURE you want to eat that chocolate cake?”

He said,”no no babe you are cute, I just meant that you aren’t you know model HOT but you are cute”

He said,”aww…look at the flab under your arms – chicken wings!”



Strength of a Woman

The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all hear hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes

C. Joybell C

I recently started working in an organisation that works to empower women in vulnerable situations by providing them with training and work opportunities. Although there are days I find myself tired and stressed out I absolutely LOVE working there and I am constantly in awe of the women I work with.

Some of these women have had to give up their lives as high-flying professionals and move to a country where their inability to speak in English has left them unemployed and in a state of both financial and emotional dependency. Some of them have faced brutal violence and have been left out on the streets with nothing except the clothes that they are wearing at the time. Others have faced the harsh and disgusting reality of being in detention centers for months (some years) before they can settle in a country where they are treated as the “other” (or “aliens” as some governments like to label them”).

Regardless of their circumstances, these women have boundless resilience and the motivation to not only dream big but do everything in their power to achieve every single one of those dreams. They don’t like to be shackled by their past or even their current circumstances, they don’t dwell on how life has dealt them an unfair hand of cards and they are so full of enthusiasm to learn new things.

I remember having a conversation with one of the women about her journey to being financially independent and she said to me ‘at my first market I sold something for 50 cents…I was SO happy someone actually gave money for something I made! So I went home and made six more items to sell!’ (See what I mean about enthusiasm). On most occasions they would travel for two hours on public transport, to sit at a market for 6 hours only to sell maybe $25 and instead of being grumpy they usually have the biggest smiles and say “better than 0!” These women, who used to be lecturers, journalists, engineers, will talk about how they are so happy they have their current job as a cleaner because a steady income would help them save money to send their kids to school (you rarely hear complaints even on days when their backs are aching from the 10 hours of cleaning they do per day).

Working with these women and hearing their journeys have opened my eyes to how lucky and privileged I am to have the life I do. Everyday I am in awe of these women and how they have managed to turn their lives around on their own. Since I have met them I have gained a greater sense of awareness about true resilience and perseverance.

They are true defenders of the silver lining.