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Things I Like

  • Unclenching: I am quite a highly wound up individual and I rarely allow myself to relax and I often find myself clenching hard whether its my teeth, fists or other body parts – I clench A LOT!
  • Cooking – My friends and family laugh at this because for I used to go anywhere near a kitchen for the past 25 years of my life. But lately, nothing calms me down more than standing in front of my stove top and breathing in the aromas of whatever it is that I am cooking up.
  • To Do Lists: I don’t think I could function without a to-do list! I sit down every morning and go through everything I need to get done for the day (and things that pop into my head), this helps me plan my day and more importantly crossing things off the to do lists allows me to understand how I have handled my day and what I need to do be better.
  • An Empty Inbox: read.label.action.archive.
  • Yoga: I started yoga about three months ago in order to tone up, but yoga has turned out to be so much more than a workout! It helps me re balance and take a minute to just focus on nothing but my breathing.
  • Skyping My Parents: all of the LOL’s