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It’s not new years’ eve but…

My resolutions for the year – I know I am a little late to the party but I wanted to spend a little bit of time thinking about what I wanted to achieve this year and more importantly how I will spend my time. Last year was a good start but I feel like I was a little too ambitious and didn’t consider all the things that I had going on and i started becoming really overwhelmed, so lesson learned!

Also, I want to write out my resolutions not because they are new and profound goals but because I feel like having them written down will make me a lot more accountable and I will be a lot more inclined to follow through on them.

  1. See the silver lining: I try my best to always see the good in people and be happy with any sort of citrus fruits life hands me but towards the end of last year I was getting really angry with everything and everyone. That kind of attitude made it harder for me to be happy about situations and I became a whiny, complain-y, let’s have a bleak attitude towards life kind of person – and really this just negatively affects me and no one else so what is the point! This year I want to refocus myself and think of what I have learned and gained from the situation regardless of how bad it may be. I am not going to let everything affect me and if it starts bothering me I am going to make the conscious effort to remove myself from the situation or relationship as kindly and respectfully as I can.
  2. See a doctor: To be honest I have been pretty unhealthy the past few weeks and I have promised myself that February onwards I am going to be off of ‘holiday mode’ and get back to paying attention to my body. I need to stop avoiding doctors and go and figure out what is wrong with me (I am currently suffering from insomnia, back pains and digestion issues) and stop cheating and start treating my body like the temple that it is. More yoga and chia seeds and less booze and steak! OH AND MORE WATER!
  3. Be kind: I want to spend more time volunteering and doing things that will help make someone else happier. We get so focused on making our own lives better and we keep telling ourselves that once we are ‘settled’ we will do more for the world and I just don’t want to keep putting it off anymore. There is so much more to life than just working and money and a white picket fence and the world needs more people who have open arms and hearts.

So there you go, my three resolutions for the year to heal my mind, body and soul. I hope all of you who have made your resolutions are able to keep track 🙂




Dear body

I’m sorry. 26 years and I don’t think I have ever really said anything nice or appreciated anything about you. Instead I have spent countless hours in front of the mirror just poking, pulling and frowning at your existence. I’m sorry.

I remember when I was a little girl, I kept pointing at my ten year old chest and asking my mom when I’m going to get boobs and look like a real woman. I heard a few older girls talk about how your boobs got larger if you jumped around without a bra on so instead of actually going outside and playing like I should have, I stood in front of the mirror and jumped till my legs hurt. I guess I was ten, I didn’t know any better – but still I’m sorry.

I remember in high school instead of appreciating you for being tall and athletic, I slunk around trying hard to look short and  hating myself for being the tall lanky ‘surf board’. I let people call you surf board –  teenagers are mean! All the kids in school used to relentlessly make fun of you saying you were too flat and I never once stood up and defended you. Too flat? What does that even mean? I let the comments get to me – I hated taking my clothes off and when I did take them off I would just be disgusted at you for being too flat. I should have understood that you were not too flat, you were still growing and I should have appreciated the fact that you were healthy and strong – I’m sorry.

Then I let go and stopped taking care of you. I didn’t just indulge, I just let go and didn’t bother. I never thought of how you might need to exercise, never thought about how you would feel about alcohol and never cared about how going on various fad diets would affect you. I did like to criticise, compare you to everyone else and then blame you for being out of shape and fat when really this was a result of all my abuse. Even then, I could have admired you. I always wanted boobs and I finally had them but no I wanted to focus on how round my stomach looked and how I couldn’t fit in to size zero clothes like the rest of my friends. All of a sudden I was hating on you for not being the ‘surf board’ body that I hated in high school! I’m sorry.

Then there’s the whole skin issue. I’m Asian which means you are dark – but for me that was hard to live with. I wished I was fair skinned. When people made comments about how I was pretty I would have looked if I was only a little fairer, I agreed. When my boyfriend said I was beautiful, I would reply with ‘yea but if I was fair then I would look better’. I’m SO sorry.

But things are going to change.

This past year, I have grown up a lot – and I am have begun to stop frowning at the mirror so much and I am embracing you more and more every day. I have made a lot of promises about changing and so its only fair to make a promise to you. I promise you that I will always take of you and take ownership for any damage I cause to you. I promise that I am not going to let some skewed idea of perfection blind me from appreciating you for all that you are and all that you will be. I know that you will change as time goes on but I want to thank you for being patient with me and putting up with me.