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Visa Update

No don’t worry I am not going to write another thesis on the visa application process – this is more of a timeline and update:

* I applied for the visa on the 2nd of July

I had a bit of an issue – the visa office didn’t send me an acknowledgment letter of the application letter and I was like OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS?!?! *insert days of absolute stress*

* They requested more information on the 15th of July

I took two days to get my AFP Check and submit it to them

* Today (30th July) I received my temporary visa GRANTED!! (YAYERS)

In two years I will automatically get my PR 😀

So may be my super OCD way of submitting the visa application worked? and they super fast tracked the visa process (it was supposed to take a year to be processed) – in any case I can breathe a little lighter now.

Thank god! Lots of luck to any of you who are also trying to get your visa



ps: I really needed a win this week –  I have had a bad month to say the least so it felt so good to receive the mail this morning. Sending out good vibes to you all ❤


My Partner Visa Journey

My partner Andres and I met in 2008 when we were both studying at the ANU. When I went back to Sri Lanka in 2012 (more on this in another post) we decided to do the whole long distance relationship thing and after three years of living apart, Andres went down on one knee and asked me whether I would like to spend the rest of my life with him (YAY)! This was undoubtedly one of the greatest things that has happened to me so far and after many discussions we decided that I would move to Australia to live with him.Which brings us to the start of the grueling process known as Partner Visa (820) application.

 Applying for this visa took quite a toll on me and Andres; I was either crying because I was overwhelmed by the amount of information that I needed to compile or I was bubbling with anxiety [which to be honest has not yet stopped] about the outcome of my visa.

One thing I noticed during this experience is that there isn’t much helpful information out there (at least not in one accessible place) to help someone understand what exactly is required (because lets be honest, the document checklist provided by the Immigration department isn’t very informative). To be fair, the Partner Visa booklet is a VERY useful resource and I suggest you read this quite thoroughly before starting you application process.

Before starting my application I spent days sitting in front of the computer just taking down notes from various websites and community threads regarding all aspects of the visa process. So I decided to write this post with the hope that it may be of use to a couple very much like Andres and I (also quick disclaimer; I am not a migration agent and I am not a guru of any sort, this is just my experience) Continue reading