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Procrastination vs Productivity

I am not good at many things but I am good at coming up with excuses not to do work. And when I mean work, I mean ANYTHING remotely productive.

Wash the dishes you say? Um but I really need now my energy levels are low besides if I eat after I wash the dishes I will have to wash again right?

Write a blog post? But I should watch a TV show so that I can get that out of the way before I really sit down and try to concentrate.

Start work on a new project? Oh maybe I should have a cup of coffee and some food and walk around so I get the energy boost I need to really sit and focus.


So now, I am trying to do things a little different to increase my level of productivity and reduce my level of ridiculousness.

– Working at coffee shops: I am lucky to be able to do a lot of my work remotely but staying at home is so counterproductive that I have recently started wishing i had a cubicle (BLARGH!) So my solution now has been to pick coffee shops with free wifi.

– Writing will stationary. I have started switching off my phone when I get onto a train and I pull out a notepad and pen and start writing. This has been so productive because my mind is not distracted by instagram updates and facebook notifications.

– Get up early. This has been hard but when I do manage to get my lazy self up and out of bed by 7 am and into a productive workspace the results are incredible! It also helps that I do yoga at night because I can sleep like a baby.

– Cook for the week. When I was younger I never understood why people would plan their meals! I mean my whole strategy when shopping for groceries was to just go in there and grab whatever suits your fancy. Not anymore! Nothing makes me happier than cook a whole heap of things on the weekend and freeze it all so I don’t have to waste my time over the week. #grownuplyf

To be honest these are all new resolutions and baby steps I am taking to become a better functioning human. Hopefully, I can do it- which means I will start blogging and reading more blogs soon (Sorry guys I have been shocking when it comes to that 😦 )