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Life Update

Hello bloggers and other internet people!

Yes I know my apologies for not writing are becoming repetitive but I’m sorry! So here is a pictorial update/explanation of why I was silent.

Andres and I went back to Sri Lanka in December and we got married!!!! It was the most incredible and magical day!


Standing there at our alter I found myself incredibly overwhelmed by how blessed I felt to have met and married the kind of person who understands, appreciates and inspires me everyday. I couldn’t help but smile at my family who have consistently and constantly shown me unconditional love and patience. I couldn’t help but be proud of myself for having acquired gem like friends who turned up to celebrate this day with us. It was a magical day not only because I felt like a princess but because I realised how truly lucky I am to belong to have the kind of tribe I do.


After our wonderful wedding day, we travelled around Sri Lanka which was AMAZING – and I will do a sort of travel blog post about it next. it was hard to come back to Australia but hey got to face reality sooner or later don’t we? Anyway, now I am back and ready take on the new year 😀





Its time to take off those goggles!

While I was on break from university, I remember having the strangest chat with my dad who kind of insinuated that it was time I found myself a nice Buddhist Medical student to hang out with (there was even talk of me hanging out around the Medical School to suss out a suitable candidate, because that’s how everyone meets the love of the life). So it’s safe to say that five years ago when I floated the idea that I may possibly end up spending the rest of my life with a ‘white boy’ the news was not greeted well at all. There was a lot of talk about traditions, religion and of course a lot of stress about society. We had so many heated arguments about what shacking up with a ‘foreigner’ could do to my reputation, how it will never work out because we are too different and he would NEVER understand nor value our traditions and, the mother of them all, WHAT WILL EVERY ONE ELSE SAY! I remember feeling suffocated with all this talk about caste,class and status and wanting to scream out loud ‘WELL ALRIGHT THEN I’LL JUST GO AND MARRY MY COUSIN!’ Continue reading